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      產品分類   Product Classification  
      地址: 中國廣東佛山市南莊鎮
      電話: 0757-83130882    28978112
      手機: 18927705882     18927279771
      傳真: 0757-28978101
      郵箱: fcyd@fcyd.cn
      公司介紹   Product Classification  
              金豐創有限公司成立1997年。是專業生產UPS專用電池柜(電池柜已成功申請外觀4項和實用新型專利1項,已申請國家發明專利1項和實用新型2項)19寸網絡專用柜機柜及周邊設備儀器的專業制造廠商,是一家集研發、生產、安裝、銷售、服務為一體的企業,是行業內最具規模的專業制造商。 豐創產品有:電池柜、網絡機柜、服務器機柜、掛墻機柜、單/雙聯操作臺、控制臺、電腦工控臺、通信柜、電視墻、綜合布線箱、光纖配線箱、電腦工控機箱、開放式機架、地埋箱等等。 廣泛應用于不間斷電源、銀行證劵、鐵路、船舶、醫療、太陽能、電信網絡、郵電通信、廣播電視、智能化小區管理及安防監控、計算機網絡工程等到多個系統領域。 豐創電池柜、豐創機柜采用金屬組件、機械性能好,承載能力大,結構緊湊合理,互換性能,整柜靜電噴塑、柔光、耐磨、防腐蝕、防火性能好,經久耐用。 豐創網絡專用機柜:采用金屬組件內部結構互換性強,機柜機遇對未來辦公一體化的理念,在機柜設計和研究匯總力求做到立體型、安全性、可靠性、兼容性、多性能合一,更好地與用戶使用環境結合,為未來辦公數據集中使用需求而設計全能機柜。

      Jinfeng Co., Ltd. was founded in 1997. Is a professional production of UPS special battery cabinet (battery cabinet has been successfully applied for the appearance of the 4 and 1 utility model patents, has applied for 1 national invention patents and utility model 2) professional manufacturer 19 inch cabinet cabinet and the surrounding network special equipment, is a collection research and development, production, installation, sales and service as one of the enterprises, is a professional manufacturer in the industry's largest. ForStrong products: battery cabinets, network cabinets, server cabinet, wall cabinet, single / double console, console, computer control cabinet, communication station, TV wall, integrated wiring box, optical fiber distribution box, computer control case, open frame, buried box etc.. Widely used in uninterruptible power supply, bank card, railway, marine, medical, solar energy, telecommunications networks, telecommunications, radio and television, the intelligent community management and security monitoring, computer network engineering for multiple systems. ForStrong battery cabinet, the cabinet adopts forStrong metal components, good mechanical properties, bearing capacity, compact and reasonable structure, interchangeability, the entire cabinet electrostatic spray, soft, wear-resisting, anti corrosion, good fireproof performance, durable. Feng Chong network special cabinet: the internal structure of the metal component interchangeability, the opportunities of the future cabinet office integration concept, in the cabinet design and research summary and strive to achieve three-dimensional, safety, reliability, compatibility and performance of a better environment and users with data for the future needs and focus on the use of office design of universal cabinet.


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